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20 April, 2021

The greatest power any and each of us hold is the power within.

And not just some vague hard-to-define “power” that you wouldn’t know how to apply.

I’m talking about the inner knowing.

I’m talking about how to find the answers to every question you hold.

THAT power, to know what to do in any given situation, to get to the answers, to have and trust the next steps, THAT power is so easy to apply in everyday life.

Feeling stuck and not sure what to do next?

Ask your inner knowing.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed and like you keep going, but aren’t sure why do you even do the things you do?

Use your power to find the answers and recalibrate every part of your life.

Hungry for more? More purpose, more joy, more money?

Tune into your truest deepest inner knowing and take the next steps!

Our intuition, our inner knowing, our gut holds the answers.

And those answers are in no way selfish or greedy or self-serving. Those answers, coming from deep inner knowing, live in harmony with others and the world. If you benefit, it doesn’t make anyone else worse off. If we all listened to our inner knowing, the whole world would be so much better off!

We’ve just been taught (way too often) to ignore that inner knowing, to not trust it… sometimes even we haven’t been taught how to listen to your intuition and understand what it’s saying!

Now isn’t that a little bit sad, and a whole lot maddening?

Because if there is this tool that would help us find the answers, the guidance, and the clarity to create a better life, then why would we ever want to forget about having that tool?

Well, OF COURSE it’s easier to control people as a mass if we tell them what to think, tell them not to trust themselves, and tell them that someone else has the answer.

And, unfortunately, for a long, LONG time women especially have been told that they don’t have the answers themselves. That the one who has the answers? Is the man.

That’s why in overwhelming majority of countries tampons and pads are taxed as a luxury good! (What a luxury to have period, isn’t it?)

That’s why still SO MANY institutions (and a lot of them unfortunately religious with wide-spreading reach) preach that women need to be the one who run the home, cook, clean and take care of the children.

(Meanwhile, in 21st century they ALSO need to have a career, right? so for so many women it’s a do-it-all, forget-about-yourself, till-you-run-out-of-juice kind of life that just leads to resentment and unhappiness. And then we wonder “what happened?” when we hear of all the divorce and unhappiness getting into the most unlikely of places, the most unlikely of people, just like a weed finding the slightest crack to go and reside there…)

And ALL of that could be improved.

Don’t get me wrong: NOTHING changes overnight.

It’s a lot of smaller changes, bit by bit, getting us to better and better places, situations, people, lives.

But if we don’t start, we won’t change anything.

If we don’t start, a year from now, two years from now, a decade from now, we’ll be asking ourselves the same damn questions, still not hearing the answers.

So I say start now, start by listening to your intuition.

Commit to learning to distinguish the voice that comes from within, and not just the ego that tries to scare you… Commit to learn to recognise the true real pure voice of inner knowing, that wants what’s actually best for you (including overcoming the fear that might be stopping you from taking action on some fronts).

Because if we start tuning in to our intuition more and (oh what a revolutionary idea!) actually LISTEN to it, and start implementing the plans we’ve once dreamt about, but weren’t sure if we could pull it off…

…That’s how everything changes.

And that’s how goals get achieved, plans get accomplished, and dreams become a reality around us rather than this place where you go when you close your eyes at night.

Instead of escaping to Neverland, let’s create our own versions of Alwayslands.

As in: it’s there for you always. Your life that you want to have and that you feel excited, energised about & proud of. Materialised in the here and now.

That life starts from you committing to make intuition your guide, and learn to listen for it, understand it, and follow it.

Because intuition and inner knowing are your answers, to every question and every struggle.

Are you ready for the journey?

With ALL my love and listen-to-your-inner-knowing wishes for you,

Kat xx - signature 150px

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