You want to grow and scale your online business with Facebook ads to become visible and attract hundreds and thousands of new clients each month

You want to grow and scale your online business with Facebook ads to become visible and attract hundreds and thousands of new clients each month

Does that sound familiar?
Then you’re not alone…

“I’m scared of putting more money into ads and getting nothing out of it.”

“I’ve tried ads, they didn’t work for me (even though I hired an agency).”

“I don’t know how to find the right audience for my business on Facebook.”

“I feel like it’s so complicated now, it’s easier to boost a post.” (please don't!)

“Facebook is constantly changing, how can I keep up?”

“The cost per lead is too expensive. I don’t want to pay $20 for a lead.”

But you’re probably thinking….

But you don’t have to wait so long. You can start working with me now and save yourself thousands of dollars and the hassle.

Some of them even spent months(!) before they realised, not knowing if the agency or ads manager was actually doing a good job, wasting them outrageous amounts each month on very little to no results. 

Most people come to me after they already got burnt from costly trial and error, hiring an agency or unqualified ads manager and spending thousands of dollars without getting their desired results…

I help female entrepreneurs like you master Facebook Ads and show you how to have ads grow and scale your business for you.

If you want to run ads that bring you results (aka actual leads and sales), you have a product you’ve successfully sold before, and you want to know how to replicate this over and over again, then you’re in the right place!

Over 7 years of personally running Facebook and Instagram ads I have developed methods for consistent positive ROI that majority of ads managers don’t know about, don’t use and don’t let your business benefit from. But you can do it yourself/in-house and generate the leads and the sales you’ve always been dreaming about!

I’m Kat, your marketing & Facebook ads expert

Hi, future-millionairess!

students taught

Over 200

in launches


ad spend managed


years experience running ads


Experience backed by results
(across various niches):

You could simply run ads.

So your choice is either to post on social media a bazillion times a day, do a podcast, write a blog, go live in a group, create a funny video and hope it goes viral, reach out to friends, ask for referrals, and do the hundred other things you could be doing to get clients organically and slowly grow your email list, OR…

But you have a business and you need a reliable stream of new customers.

Facebook ads are shrouded in mystery - most business owners wonder “why does it work for some, but not for others?” Plus: the myths and rumours that get created and repeated make it impossible to know (without guidance) if something is true or just bad advice (for instance: please don’t ever “boost” your posts - that’s a complete waste of your money! But I digress).

Let the Facebook ads process be a playground for endless opportunities to grow your business.

every day!

into your list

With ads you could have your monthly subscribers coming 

Do you want to spend hours every day doing ALL the things only to grow your list by 50 or 60 people by the end of the month?

If you want to grow and scale your business and have your first 10k, 20k, or 50k and beyond month – relying on organic growth is a bit like planting a seed and watching it grow because you’re craving an apple. Stores have apples ready for you to get them at any point. And sure, you can plant an apple tree, but the question is, do you want to wait that long?

I will teach you what strategies to use (and what advice to ignore) in order to
  • make your ads work better
  • bring leads at a cheaper cost per result
  • have a higher return on investment and
  • find the people who are excited to work with you.

That’s why…

If you have a product that you’ve sold before it can absolutely be scaled to be sold again and again to new potential customers. What you need are 2 ingredients: the tested and proven strategies and a mindset for growth. And this is exactly what you’ll get inside my signature program Facebook Ads Mastery.

I started Facebook Ads Mastery after seeing countless entrepreneurs come to me after they had their ads run by an “ad agency”, and looking into their accounts I could not BELIEVE the costs, lack of methodology and very poor ROI that I saw.

Let’s face it: There is a lot of misinformation out there. And not a lot of clear resources on how to run Facebook ads successfully to grow your business

Let’s drown the newsfeeds with honest and effective marketing that sells helpful products, shall we?

I’m on a mission to demystify Facebook Ads and help good people like you do good business online

and MULTIPLE instances of people doing their best launch ever after starting to work with me (whether that’s hitting for the first time an over €100k mark in one launch, being the best performer in an affiliate launch, all the way to doubling a launch to over $2million).

Cutting the cost per lead into ⅓ of the previous price after a 1h call with me (and with the exact same ad image and text), going down from $9/lead to $3/lead

Tripling the number of leads for a launch with triple the budget (price per lead remained the same even after adding 8,000 people more to the list than in the previous launch)

12,000 leads for a launch event collected in 3 weeks

”Nearly half (46% to be exact!) of revenue coming from Facebook ads, 39% of all opt-ins, and 564% ROI (yes, that’s the right number!)”

“The cost is down to €2.92 per result and I’ve got 180 sign ups for my workshop so far.”

Nearly 3x the number of leads for a launch from 1,600 previously to 4,300 on the next launch, with average price per lead for the campaign €1,28 per lead

Sign-ups for a workshop for about €2 per lead

”You make it easy to understand complex material and you solved a few problems I had for months within the first half an hour of your training.”

Setting up first ever retargeting ads in half an hour (with my training)

”Ads are now between 50 and 90 cents per lead.”

Here are some of the results my clients achieved:

And here’s what my clients have to say about working with me in their own, honest words ❤️


- Sif Traustadóttir

My ads have been running for a few days now and I’m obsessed with refreshing my Fb Ads Manager 😅

The results so far have been amazing, I’m getting lots of signups every day and paying $1.3 per lead.


- Suzy Ashworth,

For the first time in two years, my Facebook ads are showing me the type of ROI that you've heard about, hoped and wished for.

Kat literally 10x £170 investment in a week for me....I so wish I hadn't wasted so much of my life before I finally got my head around saying YES!

real talk:

Do you finally want your Facebook ads to work FOR you and help you grow and scale your business without the headache and frustration?

No matter where you’re at right now on your Facebook ads journey, choose the best option for you below and I’ll help you to finally make your ads work:

join me!

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Join me live on Zoom and find out what are the essential ingredients of a highly profitable Facebook ads campaign. This is not just a passive webinar where I talk at you for an hour, but it’s an interactive session where you get to ask me your questions, receive answers and pick my expert brain.

How to make your Facebook ads profitable

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Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of which tools you need to grow and scale your business?

Get my mini-course to discover the exact tools I use and recommend to my clients to run a successful online business, make your ads ROI even higher and operations even more streamlined. Divided into 4 parts in this mini-course I’ll walk you through essential tools to get your website, calls & courses, Facebook & Instagram ads, and team communication streamlined.

Whether you already have a VA, or are a 1-person operation (for now! ;)), knowing where you’re going and what it will look like will help you set the foundation right from the start for when you’re ready to scale. (And with a proven product and ads, you will be ready to scale!)

Value of the mini-course: $197
Current Price: $9 (incl. a monthly call)

Essential Toolkit to Grow and Scale your online business

Wondering about the structure of 6- and 7-figure online businesses?


Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle of sometimes getting enough leads for a launch and sometimes not, and instead: grow your list consistently, with the right audience that converts, decrease the price per conversion and do it all easily, simply, and without overwhelm. I’ll guide you step by step through what to do and how to set up your ads to make them profitable.

Master your Facebook Ads


Will you master your ads with me…?

This course is valued at $197, but I want to make it easy for you to join, so I'm currently testing selling it for only $9. (Price might go back up in the future.)
Don't let the price fool you - the course contents are super valuable AND you get a monthly group call with me included!

Copy the tools I’m using with my 6- and 7-figure clients and check what software (that you might already have access to) you could be using to your advantage and for better (ads and otherwise) results.


Essential Toolkit to Grow and Scale your online business