Why your dreams are not a mountain to climb

Your dreams are not a mountain to climb

6 October, 2020

Language is SO important when it comes to how we perceive the world.

I’m Polish, but for a decade now I’ve been using English as my first language. (Meaning I talk and think in English first.)

So when recently I was reading a book in Polish, I saw a phrase I’ve FORGOTTEN exists and it stopped me in my tracks.

Translated into English it would be “height of your dreams”, or “peak of your dreams”. Meaning that something is the most you are able to dream, and that is what you aim for.

And I don’t know if it’s just a language thing, I’m sure there are other phrases that would match this in English (or some other languages).

BUT regardless of that…

…if we EVER think of making your dreams come true as climbing up to the top, then what’s the top of that mountain?

It’s one top…
and there’s nothing more above it…
and the only way from there is down…. (!!)

SO I am officially reframing any subconscious conditioning of dreams being like a MOUNTAIN with a top… (Which you can see, so there’s no room for surprises and unexpected opportunities showing up on the way to making your dreams come true.)

…into a RIVER of dreams: unlimited, always flowing, and you never know what great thing is waiting for you around the corner.

I want a river of dreams flowing through me. And I choose to release mountains as a metaphor for anything that I’m trying to achieve.

Also, bonus points: you can just lie flat on a river and the current will take you forward. It’s a friendly river, so it’ll do so in a chilled and easy way. You just have to show up and all the Universal forces are working with you on moving you through the river and towards your desires. No need to sweat and hustle to get up to that peak! ;)

How reframing the metaphor of what goal achievement looks like can help make your dreams come true

Are your dreams like a mountain or like a river? Leave me a comment to let me know what ideas it sparked for YOU.
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You are always supported in your dreams. Trust that that river is taking you towards them and there are positive surprises on the way.

Wishing you a day where you’ll take at least one action towards those dreams, to help direct that beautiful river towards making your dreams come true <3


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