Joy is a choice – do YOU practice joy daily?

6 December, 2017

Joy is a choice.

Whatever happens in your life, you always have a choice.

You can choose to focus on the negative parts of your day, reliving the things that happened that you didn’t enjoy, assigning blames and wondering “why do bad things always happen to good people” (such a BS belief, btw).

But then you’ve got to realise that by choosing this you make a choice to completely miss all the beauty, happiness and little moments and decisions that, one step at a time, are actually getting you closer to your desired life.

Instead, you can choose to focus on all those things that ARE good in your days. The smiles, the people, the kindness, the little synchronicities, you can celebrate every small action or accomplishment that, one step at a time, is getting you closer to your desired life.

And I know that if you’re reading this, then you already *know* this.

Focus on the positives.

Positive attitude.

Yada, yada, yada.

We sometimes use those words so much they seem to have lost all of their meaning.

But theory and practice doesn’t always go hand in hand (as I was recently reminded).

I’ve been in this space of personal development for about a decade now. And I’ve had my abundant share of happy moments.

But just last week, as the last day of November brought the first snow, that snow changed how I experienced my entire day. And it made me realise that I’ve recently become less vigilant about my thoughts and actions and that I could spruce up my choices to take things to the next level.

Because it snowed, I chose to notice how beautiful it was outside.

Because it snowed, I chose to be smiling and in a good mood.

Because it snowed, with that positive attitude any work that I had to get done that day was done with joy, while singing and humming, and, when taking breaks, it meant I was actually dancing my way towards the bathroom or the kitchen.

Because it snowed, I chose to break my routine and did things differently.

Because it snowed, I chose to take action on things I’ve been only thinking about (but now I was doing them!)

Because it snowed, I was counting my blessings, hoping for the best, and having fun. And then some more fun. And some more fun after that.

What was in theory an ordinary Thursday, was actually one of the best days of my life. And all because of… well, not snow, but the choices I made.

In fact, it was such a stark contrast between this one day of practicing to choose joy and a lot of other ordinary work-days in the recent weeks, that it got me thinking about how even though we might *know* that we should be doing something (like, choosing joy), we still need reminders to put this into practice in our life.

For me, it was snow (which I love) that sparked the change again.

But that doesn’t mean that I can only be happy in the winter (and, if for you this “thing” that gets you happy is being on the beach, it doesn’t mean that you can only be happy when you’re on the beach, or wherever else your happy place might be).

It just means I needed a reminder how everything we do is a choice.

Every single thing I did (well… maybe apart from building a snowman shaped like a Minion and calling it Dave), I could’ve done on any other day of the year, in any weather, in any place, in any circumstances.

And I think it’s worth pointing out that it’s not that that snowy day was somehow lucky or special and that nothing bad/uncomfortable/unplanned happened. Things didn’t go nowhere near according to what I had planned in the morning. But I chose not to focus my energy on that at all. I chose joy. I chose to practice joy.

So consider this a reminder for yourself.

Do you remember to choose and practice joy daily?

And, in that happy state, to take action on the things you usually only dream about in your head?

I challenge you to join me in (continuing to) choose joy daily and practice it like your life depends on it.

Because it does.

How we experience life depends on all of your seemingly ordinary days and how you choose to see and live through them.

Choose joy. Take action.
Are you in on this challenge? Tell me in the comments below three things that you’re choosing to notice that are beautiful about your day as it is right now. And then take action: how could this shifted focus inspire you to act differently on at least one thing that you need to do today? Leave a comment below and let me know.

And, if you felt inspired by this article, please share it with your friends (you can use one of the social media buttons to make it easy).

Let’s bring more joy to the whole world. Not just today, but every day. After all, there is no such thing as being too happy.

Joyful thanks for reading ;) and I look forward to seeing you in the comments,


Joy is a Choice. Click here to read the article and find out how to choose joy, take action, and bring more joy to the whole world. https://katbern.com/joy-is-a-choice

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