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Why is the blog not about Facebook ads? Frankly, writing content on ads simply does not interest me. AND (lucky for you!) it's also not something that would benefit you (it's not a written content kind of learning, you know?). If you want to learn about ads, join my free webinar and I will HAPPILY talk to you about your specific ads questions and I can EASILY show you your next steps and what you need to do. 

But here? Here I talk about growing your business and, more often than that, about growing as a human (as those are so intricately related).
My motto: be better not by doing more, but by being more. 
My wish for you: for all your dreams to come true. (Even if you don't believe that's possible yet.) Let's get started, shall we?

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Did you ever dream BIG? So big in fact that you were afraid to tell the world about it? And even though you knew you wanted to get “there” and you believed it was possible, you had no idea how exactly that would all come together? “Dream BIG” is probably one of the most amazing […]

What to do after you decide to dream BIG

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All or nothing. I was sitting in a tram listening to Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” workshop on Audible (brilliant, by the way, I could recommend it in a heart beat!),  when I had a bit of an epiphany about a trap in thinking that I’ve totally fallen into, and that you might’ve fallen […]

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I’ve moved. (Yet again!) But don’t worry, you don’t have to move too if you want to feel better. After years of being abroad I came back to my home country for a while. And this change in circumstances brought a sudden realisation. While travelling across Europe: wherever I went, I longed for having a […]

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Have you ever taken a taxi and told the driver to “just drive”, without giving them a destination? No? I didn’t think so.   But now think about how many times you said you’d like to “have”, or “be” or “experience” certain things, without really being specific on what it is EXACTLY that you desire […]

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It was 11pm and I had no idea that inspiration was about to hit. I went upstairs to brush my teeth just before going to sleep. The previous day a friend of mine, and a fellow entrepreneur, shared a writing exercise to discover what you really want. Having nothing better to do for three minutes […]

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As someone who recently moved, I can tell you that the question of how to survive a house move and not go crazy at the same time ain’t easy. And sometimes I don’t know if this is just me or if more people feel this way, but to me the sheer idea of having to […]

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Have you ever heard this story about the trap of indecision? A donkey has two stacks of hay in front of him. But he can’t decide which one to eat from. He stands there, indecisive, for so long that he ends up dying of hunger. And while this story is very simplified, you see my […]

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Do you know those scenes in the movies where the music is telling you that everything is perfect and that these are happy moments? Like in one of the old Jacobs Krönung coffee commercials? Well, the thing is, that most of the time we wait for those happy moments to happen to us, instead of […]

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I had this theory when I was 15 that there are 3 main pillars to creating happiness in life. And, looking back, I think it’s been true for me all this time. You might know this about me already, but in the past 6 years I lived in 6 countries. It was for different periods […]

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Are you ever stuck for inspiration and don’t know how to get started with a project? Be it home improvement or something completely different? To this problem I say… take a trip! And before you start thinking that you don’t have time or money for going on holiday right now, let me stop you and […]






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