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Why is the blog not about Facebook ads? Frankly, writing content on ads simply does not interest me. AND (lucky for you!) it's also not something that would benefit you (it's not a written content kind of learning, you know?). If you want to learn about ads, join my free webinar and I will HAPPILY talk to you about your specific ads questions and I can EASILY show you your next steps and what you need to do. 

But here? Here I talk about growing your business and, more often than that, about growing as a human (as those are so intricately related).
My motto: be better not by doing more, but by being more. 
My wish for you: for all your dreams to come true. (Even if you don't believe that's possible yet.) Let's get started, shall we?

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The greatest power any and each of us hold is the power within. And not just some vague hard-to-define “power” that you wouldn’t know how to apply. I’m talking about the inner knowing. I’m talking about how to find the answers to every question you hold. THAT power, to know what to do in any […]

Where to find the answers to all your questions

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I’ve recently taken two whole weeks off, which for me was an example of radical acts of self-love. Before I came to that decision though, one day I was having rather bad thoughts and they kept coming back – images and worries of things happening to me outside of my control. So then I sat […]

Self care isn't selfish - take radical acts of self-love & listen to your body

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When I don’t want to face something, however small or big, it starts building up in my body as a feeling or a sensation. Feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, being “behind” on my to-do list… that sort of thing. And I know I’m not alone. But when I actually catch myself feeling those states, I now […]

December Magic: click here to add some MAGIC to your days with this FREE Advent Calendar of self-care, love, joy & inspiration:

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In an old tradition, when December comes, we prepare, reflect and wait for Christmas. I’m not one for religion, but in a spiritual sense it makes me completely excited, from-the-inside-out, to set some time aside at the end of the year to reflect, recharge, take stock of our learnings and inspire ourselves for what’s to […]

create a feeling of starting fresh to add MAGIC to your days

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Language is SO important when it comes to how we perceive the world. I’m Polish, but for a decade now I’ve been using English as my first language. (Meaning I talk and think in English first.) So when recently I was reading a book in Polish, I saw a phrase I’ve FORGOTTEN exists and it […]

Your dreams are not a mountain to climb

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On a logical level there is no denying that self-care is important. We all know the comparison of “put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others”. Yet, when it comes to actually implementing it, too often when we most NEED self-care, we’re struggling to come up with ideas that can be implemented on […]

Self care ideas

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Feeling overwhelmed sucks the joy out of our lives. And nobody (that I know, anyway) actually LOVES to live by their to-do list. We do it out of necessity, because we need to be organised, not because the whole “I have a to-do list longer than I can see” concept is fun (and I’m saying […]

What to do when you’re drowning in obligations, errands and stress

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Did you ever feel like your to-do list had no end and no matter what you did, there was still too much to do and no light at the end of the tunnel? I have felt like that for most of my life. And for a while now (read: 2-3 years) I have been determined […]

Say “NO” much, MUCH more often

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Are you procrastinating on working on your project right now? Is… dust on your shelves, sink full of dishes, list of phone calls you wanted to make, new episode of Madam Secretary, Netflix in general, Facebook and Instagram feeds, or anything else that you usually use to procrastinate, …preventing you from doing work when you’re […]

Working from home tips for productivity

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I say I don’t talk to myself like that. She says I do. I think ‘naaaah, I don’t actually call myself stupid… or fat… or crazy. I’m only joking now. I don’t usually…’ ‘Yes you do,’ she said. — Spotting my own patterns of how I talked to myself was like learning a foreign language. […]

the inner talk tunes we don’t hear playing in our heads






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