I have a new podcast on Facebook Ads and Online Marketing in the works for 2023. If you'd like to know when it comes out, let me know via the waitlist below and I'll notify you. :)

The KAT BERN Podcast

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If you get your best ideas during walks (like I do!) or you like to have your hands free to do something else (laundry, anyone?) while learning and getting inspired with new marketing ideas and tweaks to your campaigns, sign-up for the waitlist and I'll notify you when the new podcast is live.


Be notified when it's live!

This course is valued at $197, but I want to make it easy for you to join, so I'm currently testing selling it for only $9. (Price might go back up in the future.)
Don't let the price fool you - the course contents are super valuable AND you get a monthly group call with me included!

Copy the tools I’m using with my 6- and 7-figure clients and check what software (that you might already have access to) you could be using to your advantage and for better (ads and otherwise) results.


Essential Toolkit to Grow and Scale your online business